Thursday, July 7, 2011

NINCO Ford GT Slot Car Tuning

My fastest no mag slot car is the NINCO Ford GT Bel slot car.
The car is basically stock with the following changes -

1) The main chassis had a slight twist so I straightened the chassis using the procedure found on the Slot It website - The Fine Art of Straightening a Slot Car Chassis.

2) I changed the stock guide and braid to the NINCO #80112 Suspension guide with ProRace braid.

3) The longest straight on my track is about 12 feet long so I switched to 32/12 gearing using ProRace gears.

4) I have an N-Digital track with an over pass, so my cars seem to run the best using the ride height that comes on the regular NINCO slot cars. For this reason, I switched to NINCO #80754 17” ProRace V.03 wheels in the front using the front tires that came on the car. On the rear, I switched to the NINCO #80520 20.5 x 11.5 Laprene tires.

5) I then tightened the motor pod screws and set the rolling chassis on a NINCO XLOT set up board. The rear bushings fit kind of loose in the motor pod, so I turned each rear axle bushings so the oil hole is straight up. I noticed that as I turned the bushings, the front axle holders of the chassis wouldn’t have equal pressure on the front axle. I continued to turn each rear bushing (making sure the oil hole is accessible), until the front axle was just touching both front axle holders. I then glued the rear axle bushings in place using a small amount of super glue.

6) I loosened the body screws about a ½ turn so the body has a small amount of float on the chassis.

I tried running the car with the motor pod screws loose about a ¼ to a ½ turn but noticed some chatter under hard braking. I then tried the car with the pod screws tight, the car runs great and is easily the fastest car on my track.

I am hoping this information will help others with tuning a NINCO slot car. It’s amazing how much better my car runs with some tuning and a few aftermarket parts compared to how the car ran out of the box.

by Brian of BRS Hobbies

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